Nail melanoma
Vertical stripes on fingernails and toenails. Causes, treatment, what is missing in the body
Causes of the disease While other types of melanoma are often associated with excessive sun exposure, here
Effective ways to treat diaper rash between the toes
Diaper rash occurs when the skin becomes infected with bacteria or fungi. Pathogenic microflora multiplies quickly in folds
PCR diagnostics of papillomaviruses KVANT 21
Human Papillomavirus, DNA quantitative [real-time PCR]
Why is HPV genotyping needed? HPV is a heterogeneous virus. This means that there are many forms of it.
Make an appointment with a dermatologist for free
Genital warts: effective treatment methods
Why do vaginal papillomas occur? The main cause of papilloma in the vagina is the papilloma virus. He
Why stretch marks appear on the knees of teenagers and how to remove them
What stretch marks look like on the legs Striae on the knees Doctors note that most often stretch marks
HPV, human papillomavirus (human papillomavirus infection, anogenital (venereal) warts, human papillomavirus)
It has now been proven that human papillomavirus is oncogenic and differs in degree
Ringworm and Fungus: signs of the disease and methods of treatment
Ringworm, thrush, mycoses - types, symptoms and treatment
Author: Grachev Ilya Illarionovich Editor: Efremov Mikhail Mikhailovich Date of publication: 09/24/2018 Date
How to make a scrub for blackheads at home
Update date: 02/11/2021 12:51:47 7440 Share: Author of the article: Anna Viktorovna Demidova *Review of the best
Folk remedies, ointments, creams, oils for the treatment and prevention of acne
Although ginger is commonly used to prepare savory dishes, it can also
Remedy for stretch marks. How to get rid of stretch marks using folk remedies
Remedy for stretch marks. How to get rid of stretch marks using folk remedies
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